Kickstart Fund for New Student Groups

Campus Life wants to help you kickstart your student group or new initiative. If you are not yet a recognized student group and you need a little extra boost to get your organization up a running, apply to the Campus Life Kickstart fund to help you recruit members, hold your first event, and get the word out about your group or initiative.

Apply on WUGO

Who is eligible?

The Kickstart fund is available to groups that are not SU recognized or that are working towards SU recognition. To be considered you do have to be registered with Campus Life and have a WUGO page.

How often can I apply?

You can apply multiple times but there are some limits to the amount of funding/resources you can get in one calendar year.

  • No more than four room reservations
  • No more than $300
  • $25 in printing money

What are the terms and conditions?

Room Reservations

  • No more than four room reservations
  • Pooled classrooms and DUC rooms
  • Your group is solely responsible for any damages to the space or incurred expenses (WFF cleaning rates)
  • Your group is required to work with Event Management to coordinate needs associated with space rental when necessary
  • Dates must be provided to Campus Life for reservation no less than two weeks in advance


  • No more than $300 per year
  • We must be able to process and handle all financial transactions

Approval process

After completing the Kickstart application all groups must agree to the terms and limits set forward. You should call Campus Life at 314-935-3443 to discuss the application. In preparation for your meeting please consider the following details.

  • Choosing reservation dates and preferred locations, when possible
  • Researching expenses
  • Researching vendors

Who to contact if you have questions

Call Campus Life at 314-935-3443 with any questions about the Kickstart application process.