Justification for No U.S. Phone Number

SEVIS requires a phone number be provided for every J-1 student. If you do not have a U.S. phone number to use for this requirement, complete the justification form below.

If you do have a U.S. phone number, go to WebSTAC and list it as part of your local address.

OISS: Justification for No U.S. Phone Number Form
Six-digit number, not WUSTLKey

SEVIS requires every J-1 student to provide a phone number they actively use while in the United States. This number should be a U.S.-based number whenever possible. If a student truly does not have a U.S. number, an exception can be made and a foreign number provided instead, as long as you can be reached at this number during your time in the U.S. However, first you must confirm that you do not have any U.S. number where you can be reached.

If you do have one of these phone types, please cancel this form and put the number in the local address section of WebSTAC.
Please provide the foreign-based number you are using while in the U.S.