Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports offer the opportunity to engage with other students in organized sports events and activities in a fun and inclusive environment.

Online and At Home Intramural Sports

Trick Shot Competition

Video submissions will be accepted through May 15. The top videos will be shared on WashU Rec’s social media platforms so they are preferred to be 60 seconds or less.

Submit your video here

This competition features two categories:

  1. Traditional Sport Trick Shot Category (must be done on a regulation basketball hoop of 10′, golf club & golf ball, football, soccer shots etc.)
  2. Miscellaneous Trick Shot Category (use your imagination here…indoor over-the-door basketball hoop, ping-pong balls, socks in the laundry basket etc.)

Competition Rules

  • All current WashU students (undergraduate or grad/professional) faculty, staff, spouses or alumni are eligible for this competition.
  • Be safe! Practice social distancing, protect yourself and others. Follow the CDC Guidelines on how to protect yourself from COVID-19.
  • In each video, someone needs to say “Let’s Go WashU” to the camera (either to start or finish each video) to indicate that this video is specifically for this competition. Without the “Let’s Go WashU” component the video will not qualify.
  • Each contest participant can upload a maximum of two videos in total. This can be two videos for one category, or one video for each category.

Participants can complete this solo and in the comfort of their own homes. We are not encouraging anyone to physically socialize in this process and do anything they not comfortable doing. Please keep physical safety in mind.

Quarantine Quiz Show

The Quarantine Quiz Show  will be held every Wednesday in April at 7 p.m. CST.

Participants do not have to register on IMLeagues nor do they have to play each week. We will crown a weekly champion that will get a WashU IM champion shirt. The overall champion with the highest combined score from weekly quizzes will get a grand prize that includes WashU Rec socks and a tumbler. During each quiz there will also be a raffle drawing for swag from over 90 colleges and universities.

To Participate

  • You must have a Twitch account.
  • The live stream is at the Twitch Channel: Recwithoutborders
  • Fill out the Google doc that will be available during the Quiz Show so we can access your scores OR screenshot or take a pic and email it to for the final score. The Google doc form is also how participants are entered into the drawings.

Last week people from 150 universities around the country participated and the game lasts 45-60 minutes, with four categories of five questions.


We are offering E-Sports leagues in the following games/formats:

Madden (PS4 & Xbox)

FIFA (PS4 & Xbox)

NBA 2K (PS4 & Xbox)

NHL (PS4 & Xbox)

Call of Duty (PS4 & Xbox)

Mario Kart (Nintendo Switch)

Super Smash Bros (Nintendo Switch)

Rocket League (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch)

Each player must have a copy of the game for the league they want to participate in.

Visit to sign up. Email if you have any questions.

A steps/running competition will be coming soon!

Please e-mail with any suggestions. Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @WashURec for more fun and games!