International Student Medical Assistance Fund

Healthcare in the United States is characterized by a complex, multi-tiered system that combines public and private elements. While the country boasts some of the world’s top medical facilities and innovations, access to healthcare remains a challenge for many due to high costs and disparities in coverage, prompting ongoing debates and efforts to reform the system. The U.S. does not have universal healthcare, and individuals typically obtain coverage through private insurance, employer-sponsored plans, government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, or purchase plans on the healthcare marketplace. Students at Washington University are expected to enroll in the insurance provided by the school in order to maintain their status.

The International Medical Assistance Fund is a valuable resource designed to provide support to students in F1 and J1 visa status who may encounter unexpected medical expenses during their academic journey in the United States. To access this assistance, eligible students must first meet their insurance deductible. After meeting this requirement, they are encouraged to reach out to Evelyn Real. Evelyn Real serves as a dedicated point of contact to guide students through the application process and provide further assistance as needed. This fund is an essential safety net for international students, helping to ensure that they can access necessary medical care without facing undue financial burdens.