Fraternity/Sorority Life (FSL) Awards

Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards

The Fraternity/Sorority Life Awards program, formerly known as the Arête Awards, is held every Spring semester to recognize accomplishments over the last calendar year. The Order of Omega FSL Honorary and Campus Life coordinate and oversee the program. As of Spring 2020, the award categories have been altered to reflect the 6 FSL Guiding Values.

Please join us in congratulating the 2020 winners!

Fraternity Sorority Life Awards 2020

2020 Award Winners

Chapter Awards:

Chapter of the Year Award: Kappa Delta

Chapter Excellence in Belonging Award: Delta Gamma

Chapter Excellence in Responsibility Award: Sigma Chi

Chapter Excellence in Self-Governance Award: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Chapter Excellence in Social Justice Award: Kappa Delta

Chapter Excellence in Personal Growth Award: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Chapter Excellence in Well-being Award: Pi Beta Phi

Golden Broom: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Silver Dustpan: Sigma Chi

Individual Awards:

Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Member of the Year Award: Rachel Kleinhandler, Alpha Epsilon Phi

Individual Excellence in Belonging Award: Megan Schulman, Alpha Omicron Pi

Individual Excellence in Responsibility Award: Eashan Panjwani, Alpha Epsilon Pi

Individual Excellence in Self-Governance Award: Carol Pazos, Alpha Psi Lambda

Individual Excellence in Self-Governance Award: Rachel Sznajderman, Pi Beta Phi

Individual Excellence in Social Justice Award: Shayna Finkelstein, Pi Beta Phi

Individual Excellence in Personal Growth Award: Emma Deutschmann, Alpha Omicron Pi

Individual Excellence in Well-being Award: Hannah Cohen, Delta Gamma

Past FSL Award Winners

2019 Award Winners

Individual Awards

Fraternity and Sorority Awards 2019

2019 Award Winners

Outstanding Contribution to Change: Natalie Stollman – Pi Beta Phi
Outstanding Fraternal Spirit: Sofia Miranda-Fred – Alpha Psi Lambda
Outstanding New Member: Connor Stevens – Sigma Phi Epsilon
Outstanding Community Impact: Adis Terzic – Beta Theta Pi
Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Member: Louisa Judge – Pi Beta Phi
Outstanding Officer: John Yucesoy – Sigma Nu

chapter Awards

Golden Broom: Tau Kappa Epsilon
Silver Dustpan: Kappa Sigma
Excellence in Innovation: Gamma Phi Beta
Excellence in Brotherhood/Sisterhood: Gamma Phi Beta
Excellence in Scholarship: Kappa Delta
Excellence in New Member Education: Alpha Delta Phi
Excellence in Community Service & Outreach: Alpha Psi Lambda
Excellence in Philanthropy: Sigma Nu
Chapter’s Choice: Chi Omega
Chapter of the Year: Alpha Psi Lambda

2018 Award Winners

Winners of the 2018 FSL Awards

2018 Award Winners

Individual Awards
  • Hannah Oden-Brunson (Delta Gamma), Outstanding Sorority Member
  • Maxwell Thompson (Beta Theta Pi), Outstanding Fraternity Member
  • Calvin Works (Alpha Delta Phi), Outstanding Officer
  • Megan Lemaire (Chi Omega), Outstanding New Member
  • Alyssa Hunt (Kappa Delta), Outstanding Community Impact
  • Shelby Karp (Gamma Phi Beta), Outstanding Fraternal Spirit
  • Michael Kaushansky (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Outstanding Contribution to Change
Chapter Awards
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi, Chapter of the Year
  • Delta Gamma, Excellence in Sisterhood
  • Alpha Delta Phi, Excellence in Brotherhood
  • Gamma Phi Beta, Excellence in New Member Education
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Excellence in Philanthropy
  • Kappa Delta, Chapters’ Choice
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi, Excellence in Scholarship

2017 Award Winners

Women’s Panhellenic Association Awards Spring 2017 Scholarship Winners

Eleanor Knowles from Kappa Delta, Kayla Buttafuoco from Kappa Kappa Gamma, Becca Andersen from Kappa Delta, Marisa Parnes from Alpha, Julia Veitinger from Delta Gamma, MaeMae Huang from Delta Gamma, Vidushri Mehrotra from Alpha Phi, Neema Kamala from Gamma Phi Beta, Anurima Sharma from Kappa Delta, Danielle Ziegelheim from AEPhi, Jodi Backalar from AEPhi, Allison Portelance from Delta Gamma.

Order of Omega Individual Awards

Excellence in Chapter Leadership
Puji Anur from Alpha Phi, Eric Blohm from Zeta Beta Tau, Ryan Brandt from Alpha Omicron Pi, Becca Brody from Chi Omega, Jonathan Chien from Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alyse Gellis from Delta Gamma, Adam Glassl from Sigma Nu; Josh Hollman from Alpha Epsilon Pi, Madison Kasoff from Alpha Omicron Pi, Sierra Kindig from Kappa Delta, Payton Lang from Gamma Phi Beta, Eric Magliarditi from Sigma Nu, Sepora Makabeh from Kappa Kappa Gamma, Zack Miller from Sigma Chi, Carter Patterson from Theta Xi, Heather Shams from Pi Beta Phi, Nate Stanfield from Beta Theta Pi, Rylie Walter from Gamma Phi Beta, Sam Weien from Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Rachel Weiss from Alpha Epsilon Phi

Greek Award of Distinction

Izzy Carbone, Sam Flaster, Michael Gjelsten, Jacob Helfrich, Nikki Izakoff, Brooke Layendecker, Bob Liu, Grace Portelance, Andrew Ward, Daisy Wang, and Jacob Weiss

Lasting Legacy Awards

Puji Anur & Sam Flaster — LIVE Greek
China Anderson — WUNPHC
Jackie Feldman — Lambda Q
Michael Kaushansky — Defeating Depression

Order of Omega Chapter Awards

SAE — Chapter Philanthropy of the Year
Chi Omega — Excellence in Member Education
Kappa Delta — Excellence in Campus Involvement

Fraternity House Awards

Tau Kappa Epsilon — Golden Broom Award
Alpha Epsilon Pi — Silver Dustpan Award
Phi Delta Theta — Silver Dustpan Award

2016 Award Winners

President of the Year

Teddy Sims (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) — Male President of the Year
Elizabeth Cahn (Alpha Epsilon Phi) — Female President of the Year

New Member of the Year

Varun Patel (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) — Male New Member of the Year
Jackie Kumble (Alpha Phi) — Female New Member of the Year

Greek Leader of the Year

Julian Clarke (Beta Theta Pi) — Male Greek Leader of the Year
Melissa Tucker (Alpha Phi) — Female Greek Leader of the Year



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