First Year Finale

First Year Finale is a celebration held at the end of the first year to allow students to reflect on their first year experiences and recognize outstanding members of the university community who contributed to their first-year success.

We invite all first-year students to celebrate the closing of your first year by joining us for this celebratory event. The event includes snacks, t-shirts, photos with friends, and more. End the evening by thanking the people who made your first year a success during the awards ceremony. All attendees also receive a special gift from the university community!

2022 Award Winners

Outstanding Faculty Member – Karl Schaefer, Lecturer in Mathematics
Outstanding Writing 1 Instructor – Tarrell Campbell, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Faculty in College Writing Program
Outstanding Academic Adviser – John Early, Senior Lecturer, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts; Undergraduate Academic Advising Coordinator
Outstanding Residential Advisor (RA) – Cassie Jeng, Park and Mudd Residential College
Outstanding WashU Student Associate (WUSA) – Aminah Mostafa, Moon Bears
Outstanding Dining Services Staff – Lillie Westbrooks, Cherry Tree
Outstanding Housekeeping Staff – Angela Mitchell, WGE Residential College
Outstanding Mechanic – Rich Bartholome, WGE Residential College

Past Award Winners

Delores K. Kennedy Award

2020: Dr. Jill Stratton
2019: Jeffery Matthew, Professor of Practice in Performing Arts
2018: Andrew Reeves,  Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Political Science
2017: Melanie Osborn, Assistant Dean, Engineering Student Services
2016: Kris Kerth, Director of Four-Year Advising, College of Arts & Sciences
2015: Megan Daschbach, Lecturer in Department of Chemistry
2​014: Professor Brian Carpenter, Associate Professor of Psychology and Faculty Fellow in Eliot Residential College
2013: Professor Joseph Loewenstein, Professor of English
2012: Professor Joseph Schraibman, Professor of Romance Languages
2011: Professor Ian MacMullen, Faculty Fellow for Brookings Residential College
2010: Delores K. Kennedy, Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences​

Sharon Stahl Service Award

2020: Miriam Silberman
Rachel Wang
2018: Nathanial Rodriguez
2017: Emma Reusch
2016: Nathaniel Bernstein
2015: Sara Miller

Outstanding Floor Community

2020: Koenig 3
Park 4
2017: Park 1
2016: Dardick 2
2015: Rubelmann 2
2014: Bea​umont 3
2013: Lien 2
2012: Beaumont 3

Outstanding Faculty Member​

2021: Jody Doran, Senior Lecturer in Spanish
2020: Ke Nie, Lecturer in Chinese
Wei Wang, Senior Lecturer in Chinese
2018: Jeffery Matthews, Professor of Practice in Performing Arts
2017: Dr. William Wallace, Professor of Art History and Archaelogy
2016: Dr. Colin Burnett, Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies
2015: Dr. Kasey Wagoner, Professor of Physics
2014: Dr. William Bubelis, Assistant Professor of Classics​
2013: Dr. Ron Cytron, Computer Science and Engineering
2012: Dr. Durai Sundaramoorthi, Olin Business School
2011: Dr. Claude Bernard, Professor of Physics
2010: Dr. Richard Loomis, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Outstanding Writing 1 Instructor

2021: Ian Clark
Beth Windle
Deanna Benjamin
2018: Kate Bloomquist
2017: Erik Strobl
2016: Kasey Grady
2015: Dustin Iler
2014: Eileen G’Sell

Outstanding Academic Adviser

2021: Anthony Smith, Assistant Dean & Academic Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences
Kris Campa, Assistant Dean, McKelvey School of Engineering
Matt Devoll, Assistant Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences
2018: Dr. Joan Downey, Assistant Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences and Director of the University Scholars Program in Medicine
2017: Georgia Binnington, Associate Dean of Students, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
2016: Kris Kerth, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
2015: Dirk Killen, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
2014: Jami Ake, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
2013: Dirk Killen, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
2012: Jennifer Romney, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
2011: Raymond Arvidson, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor

Outstanding Residential Advisor (RA) or RA Pair

2021: Cameron Tate, Eliot
Eudora Anyagafu and Ali Elganzouri, Eliot
John Almeida and Cheryl Mensah, William Greenleaf Eliot (WGE)
2018: Gabby Bloom and Jessica Qian, Lee/Beaumont
2017: Grigg Schneider and Rishi Jaswaney, Brookings
2016: Tobi Alawode and Stephen Trudeau, Park
2015: Divya Rayapati, Eliot
2014:  Rahul Aggarwal and Hilary Brownstead, Rubelmann
2013: Ethan Goldstein, Lee
2012:  Shanet Stefanos, Park
2011: Taz Ahmed, Eliot
2010: Whitney Parnell

Outstanding WU Student Associate (WUSA) or WUSA Pair

2021: Emille Taylor, Bear Cubs
2020: Spencer Derthick, Emily Gerber, and Nathaniel Holmes, Danforth
Keishi Foecke, Chipo Raranje, and Ben Moore, Shandeling, Dauten, and Rutledge (JKL)
2018: Eddie Xie and Sarah Thornton, Danforth
2017: Nathaniel Bernstein and Mesha Bisarya, Umrath
2016: Daniel Knudsen and Shaarada Srivatsa, Umrath
2015: Adam Hoffman and Neena Wang, Danforth
2014: Julia Burns and Danny Sales, Lien
2013:  Divya Rayapati, Lien
2012:  Lori Schlatter, Lien
2011:  Lydeah Negro, Rutledge
2010: Austin Wilmot, Umrath

Outstanding Dining Services Staff

2021: Connie Johnson
David Graden
Loretta Smith
2018: Dorothy Chandler
2017: Gil Grigsby
2016: Bill Jackson
2015: Deshawn Andrews
2014:  Arthur Curtis
2013:  Dorothy Chandler
2012:  Phillip Southerland
2011: Angela Ford
2010: Boyd Davis

Outstanding Housekeeping or Mechanic Staff

2021: Houskeeping: Mario Harvey, Shandeling, Dauten, and Rutledge (JKL); Mechanic: Yondell Bass, Liggett/Koenig (LK)
Housekeeping: Christina Newble, Umrath; Mechanic: Ken Pinnington, South 40
Housekeeping- Amira Petonjic, Lee/Beaumont; Mechanic- Gene Russell, Park & Mudd
2018: Housekeeping- Fadila Becic, William Greenleaf Eliot (WGE); Mechanic- Rich Bartholome, William Greenleaf Eliot (WGE
2017: Theresa McGeehan, Dardick
2016: Fatima Muratovic
2015: Draga Orescanin
2014: Yondell Bass
2013: Amra Salihovic, Umrath

Outstanding Staff Member

2011: Jeff Grim, Residential College Director for Liggett/Koenig
2010: Dr. Harvey Fields, Assistant Director, Academic Programs, Cornerstone