Jodi Seals, EdD

Jodi Seals

Jodi’s main focus on health promotion will be on mental health. She’s available to present, facilitate workshops and promote Habif resources. Jodi is also promoting suicide prevention training and is […]

Hannah Jayne

Hannah Jayne

Hannah Jayne (HJ) began work in health and wellness as an undergraduate researcher within the University of Kansas’ Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies department where she discovered a passion for […]

Melissa Ruwitch, BA

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in English and Women’s Studies from Colby College in Maine, Ruwitch worked in women’s health advocacy in Washington, D.C. Since 2000, she has served in […]

Arie Baker, MSW, LCSW

Arie Baker

Arie Baker currently serves as the Director of Health Promotion and Wellness at Habif Health and Wellness Center.  Prior to her time at Habif, Arie worked for over 10 years […]