OISS Events and Workshops

The Office for International Students and Scholars hosts a variety of social, cultural and practical programs and events as well as day-trips that are open to the Washington University community.

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Program Index

OISS updates their events throughout the year. This index is an example of common workshops and events offered periodically by OISS.

Employment Workshops

  • OPT Workshops: All F-1 students who want to apply for OPT must attend an OPT Workshop. These workshops occur weekly via Zoom throughout the year.
  • Working in the U.S. 101: This program is typically offered in the Fall where we invite an immigration attorney to campus to talk to students about H-1B work visas.
  • CPT Basics: Learn about the basics of Curricular Practical Training and working in internships during your program.
  • OPT Basics Refresher: This program is for students working on approved OPT who want a refresher course on OPT reporting requirements.
  • ITIN Workshops: Typically hosted at the beginning of Fall Semester to assist students who need to apply for an ITIN.

Life in the U.S. Programming

  • OISS Orientation: Highly recommended that all international students attend an orientation at the beginning of their first semester.
  • OISS Re-Orientation: We will host a re-orientation as a makeup session if a student missed orientation during the start of their program.
  • OISS Immigration Essentials Orientation
  • OISS Understanding your Immigration Documents
  • How to Purchase a Car in the U.S.
  • Apartment Living: A Guide for International Students living off-campus
  • Survive Inclement Weather in St. Louis
  • Know Your Rights (Title IX and student conduct)
  • WUPD and Pizza: OISS and WashU Police (WUPD) partner to address campus safetybasics
  • U.S. Health Care and Health Insurance with Habif
  • U.S. Tax Basics
  • Post-graduation Planning Workshops

Social & Cultural Events

  • OISS Open House
  • Walk and Talks in collaboration with Gephardt Institute
  • Neighborhood Historical Walking Tours
  • Fall Bike Trips
  • Fall Winery Tour
  • Spring Hiking Trips
  • OISS Ice Skating
  • OISS and WUPD Kickball
  • Baseball 101: A look at America‚Äôs Pastime
  • OISS Game Nights
  • First Year Undergraduate Experience Programs

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