Event Builder

Plan and market your event more easily than ever before by using the Event Registration form through WUGO.

Connect with the right staff and administrators from the start, speed up the planning process and ensure that your event will be a success! Each time you use the Event Registrations form the information is shared on WUGO’s interactive flyer board. Event information is stored within your group’s page to guide future leaders for years to come!

WUGO Features

  • Guides leader planning event
  • Markets event through WUGO flyer board
  • Important links to Campus partners, policies, and other forms available at your fingertips during the entire process
  • Automatically notifies and involves necessary campus partners
  • Offers centralized discussion board for conversation and coordination
  • Saves your event details and campus staff recommendations or notes for future group leadership
  • Creates an Event Packet for planner to have and share with event staff
  • Auto saves your event as you work so you can return to it later

When to use Event Builder

The Event Builder is a great tool for planning any event. It is especially helpful when creating high impact programs that include the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Over 100 attendees
  • Non-Washington University students, faculty, and staff attendees
  • Outdoor programs
  • Off campus
  • Participants/Guests under 18

How to use Event Builder

  1. Log in to WUGO
  2. Open your group’s page
  3. Click on the events button
  4. Click “Create Event”
  5. You’re there!

*IMPORTANT: You will need to have a position within your group that offers the ability to submit events through WUGO. If you do not have those permissions, then your WUGO page manager, president, or treasurer can go to “Manage Positions” under the roster and give event management access and permissions to a position in your group.