Event Builder

When to use Event Builder

Washington University Group Organizer (WUGO) is WashU’s online hub for student involvement. The organization directory offers a year-round virtual student activities fair where students can explore and connect with the over 400 student groups on campus. Students can also check out what events are happening on campus, find leadership opportunities and volunteer experiences, as well as discover many other ways to get involved. The mobile version makes it even easier to get connected instantly.

Benefits of Using WUGO for Student Groups/Chapters

Keep all group information in one place: This information can include your constitution, rosters, listserv, documents, photos, election results, event calendar, and much more.

Help ease the transition to new leadership: Because everything is in one place (including event history), executive members can pass information along easily. There is no need to pass on a login and password because everything is tied to the group and students login using their WUSTL key.

Recruit new members: Students (particularly first year students) will be visiting WUGO regularly to maintain their involvement record and look for ways to get involved on campus. Make sure students can find out about your group, by getting it listed in the organization directory.

Register your group and have it added to the directory in WUGO.

What Student Groups/Chapters Can Do with a Group Page in WUGO

  • Register events: This is the first step in hosting a virtual or in person event/meeting.
  • Manage the group roster: Keep an accurate roster for members and group leaders/executive members, invite new members to join, and easily remove graduated members or those no longer involved. Set WUGO management permissions based on positions held in the group
  • Manage a group listserv: Send messages easily to all members, all exec members, or just members holding specific positions. As members join or leave the group, the listserv is automatically updated
  • Track attendance at events: Track attendance by downloading the Presence Modern Campus (WUGO) app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Attendees and hosts will both need to have the app downloaded and sign in with their WUSTL key. Attendees will need to show their digital ID in from the menu. Hosts will need to select “Collect Attendance” from the menu.
  • Plan and advertise events: Use event registration to connect with various departments on campus to make sure you have a well-planned and safe event. Advertise campus wide events on the digital flyer board on the WUGO home page or events for your group on the group event calendar.
  • Store and share documents and photos. Make photos and documents easily accessible to your members. For each document or photo, you can decide if it is viewable by executive members, all members, all campus, or the general public.

Note: All student group activities are required to be registered on WUGO no later than 14 days prior to the event/program date. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, meetings, practices, rehearsals, socials, panel discussions and fundraisers!