Division of Student Affairs Assessment

Assessment in the Division of Student Affairs ensures that at Washington University, learning happens everywhere.

To measure the impact of our work on student development, we regularly assess the efficacy of our co-curricular programs and services.

As part of our commitment to know each student by name and story, the data we collect provides additional depth into the stories that our students are creating for themselves on campus. Assessment findings help us ensure that the student experience outside of the classroom provides a robust complement to the learning taking place inside the classroom.

To connect our work to the greater mission and values of the university, we coordinate data collection efforts with Institutional Research & Analysis and the Office of the Provost. We also are the lead for CAUSE: the Committee for the Assessment of the Undergraduate Student Experience. CAUSE is intended to support the measurement of student growth, development and learning both inside and outside the classroom at Washington University in St. Louis.

By coordinating data collection from relevant services and programs, we aim to advance a culture of continuous improvement for the undergraduate experience.

Faculty and staff from a variety of departments meet biweekly to discuss assessment initiatives taking place across campus. Meetings focus on best practices in assessment and opportunities for collaboration between departments.