Michael Chapin, MS, MEd

Assistant Director, Career Development

I am an assistant director of career development in the business career community who specializes in management consulting and various business careers. I counsel all levels of students and alumni in their career development needs. I’m also a facilitator in MGT200A, Business Fundamentals for Non-Business Majors. I also partner with WashU Athletics on student-athlete career development.

What do you most enjoy about working at the Center for Career Engagement?

Helping students who come from all over the nation and the world with a wide variety of backgrounds and interest areas.

What is something interesting about you, your hobbies/passions or your life that might help someone connect with you? 

On the personal side, I enjoy playing various sports including pickleball, tennis, golf, basketball, and sailing. I volunteer my time as a USA Pickleball Association Ambassador and I enjoy teaching and developing the game for all levels and ages of people. I am also an IPTPA Certified Professional Pickleball Instructor and play in many tournaments at the highest skill levels.

Career coaching focus areas: Business, Consulting, Assessments, Exploring / Deciding, General, Engineering, Sustainability