Jen Meyer, MFA

Associate Director, Creative Arts, Architecture, Media, and Entertainment

I advise and teach at the Sam Fox School where I lead the professional practices program for the College of Art, and am a lecturer in the College Writing Program. My fiction writing has appeared in The Sewanee Review, the Alaska Quarterly Review, The Los Angeles Review, December, Hobart, and other publications. I also write essays for artist catalogs and portfolios, and work with visual artists and designers on collaborative projects. I received my MFA in Fiction at the Bennington Writing Seminars and am at work on a collection of connected stories.

What phrase or sentence explains how you define success?

I don’t define, I inquire: are you learning? Having fun? Challenged? Meeting an intended goal? Living with investment and intention? Earning a fair wage? For me, it is not about starting salary or working at a blue-chip global enterprise — and I advocate, fiercely, for students who feel pressured to adhere to the hyper-conventional mythical template that many subscribe to. For artists of any discipline, success could be doing what one needs to do to support their practice and see growth and achievement of goals, ahead.

Favorite quote, motto or piece of advice?

Fake it until you become it.

Career coaching focus areas: Art