Carol Moakley, MSW

Associate Director, Career Exploration

I love accompanying and empowering undergraduate and graduate students and alumni on their holistic career development journeys. I enjoy the process of exploration, where we weave together best practices in career development with mindset approaches. My own path has been full of pivots and outright smack-downs, as well as successes. I bring deep presence, courage, kindness, generosity and humor to create authentic space for others to learn and grow.

What do you most enjoy about working at the Center for Career Engagement? The people! Students, alumni, staff, campus colleagues – so many amazing humans working to figure out what brings them joy and how to impact the world through their values and strengths.

First post-college job or favorite job before working here? Before grad school, I worked as a job developer for adults with severe disabilities. My clients were thrilled to land what most would consider a very menial job. And they worked hard. It was a humbling and deeply rewarding experience.

Career coaching focus areas: Exploring/Deciding, Assessments, Non-Profit/Social Work, Health Care, Public Health, Graduate School.