Classroom Connections

Classroom Connections is a chance for new students to meet with their professors in a casual setting.

New students have the opportunity to meet with faculty who teach larger, mostly first-year student, classes in a small-group and get to know them outside the classroom in a casual setting. All first-year students in the class receive an email invitation to sign up to meet with a faculty member and a small group of their classmates. Faculty who teach these introductory classes such as chemistry, psychology, physics, history, math and art history will host the meetings in the First Year Center. All meetings are virtual in Spring 2021.

Students who participated in the past tell us that they appreciated the opportunity to get to know their professor in a setting that is a little less intimidating than office hours and a lot more conducive to conversation than the classroom. Professors tell us that they enjoy the opportunity for a more relaxed setting for dialogue with students.

Check your email during the academic year for opportunities to sign up!