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CDI: 2021 CDI Fellows Program Application Form

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Please describe, in one or two pages max., an innovative project that you would like to develop on campus around DEI work, e.g., educational series, reviewing, developing and recommending new policies on campus, and conducting a research experiment. Make sure your description does not show any personal identifiers. We recommend drafting your responses in a Word document first to avoid losing unsaved work. Note, that your project does not need to be fully formed and structured at the time you submit your application. When you submit your responses make sure you respond to the questions under the four categories below.
What’s your project title? What would your project be? (e.g. an educational program, policy change, research experiment?) What’s the project time frame? Can the project be completed in one semester or will completion take over a semester? Where on campus do you want to implement this project? (e.g. all over WashU campus, at one of WashU schools, at a department, a particular program, or student office? *
To what extent does your project demonstrate innovation in DEI work? Is your project something that other universities are doing? If so, what is different about your project? *
What’s a general tentative plan, steps, or approach that you would take to implement this project on campus?*
What do you seek to achieve from this project? How does your project contribute to the development of DEI on campus?
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Maximum upload size: 33.55MB