Welcome from Dr. White

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs Website.

I am frequently asked, “so what does a vice chancellor for student affairs do?” The brief answer to the question is that my colleagues and I oversee a network of programs and services focused on supporting students’ outside of the classroom learning, co-curricular involvement, and personal development and success. The links on this website provide an overview of the various departments that are part of the Division of Student Affairs.

Student affairs staff help to facilitate student transition to Washington University through orientation, scholarship, academic support programs and through our residential life programs. Additionally, we develop students’ leadership and other important skills; support our wonderfully diverse student populations; encourage students to focus on their health and wellness and to be positive members of our community; and work closely with students to connect them to experiences and advisement that will ensure their post-graduation success. While much of our work is focused on the undergraduate experience, student affairs staff are here to support all Washington University students, whether they be undergraduate or graduate students.

This student affairs website is designed to be a resource for students, parents, faculty, staff and others who wish to learn more about the work of the Division of Student Affairs and/or are looking for helpful information about issues impacting college students.

At Washington University, we pride ourselves on knowing every student “by name” and “by story.” Students, when you see me on campus, please introduce yourself to me and get one of my business cards—it is good for a free lunch on me—anytime! I look forward to getting to know each one of you by name and by story!

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Lori S. White, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs