As a WashU student, you have access to a mentor-focused online community where you can build connections with alumni and friends of the university from around the world. WashU CNX (pronounced “connects”) offers a place to network, collaborate, and grow personally and professionally one-on-one and in groups.

WashU CNX offers unique benefits and opportunities.

  • Connect with WashU alumni who share your interests and have careers in your area of study.
  • Ask career-related questions in open discussion forums.
  • Receive firsthand knowledge of an industry or job.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Hone your communication and critical-thinking skills.
  • Learn how to accept and grow from feedback.

WashU Alumni Social Media Connections

Thousands of alumni interact through Washington University Alumni Association social media channels, which add value to their personal and professional lives. Whether you are connecting with old friends and new contacts, discussing the latest university news and events, or sharing career advice, your network of Washington University alumni has much to offer.

Join the Washington University Alumni Group on LinkedIn to meet alumni and network for your job search. You might also find the LinkedIn Alumni Tool helpful.

See the entire list of alumni social media groups!

McKelvey Engineering Mentor Program

The WashU McKelvey Engineering Mentor Program pairs an engineering junior, senior or BS/MS student with an alum from the McKelvey School of Engineering.

Engineering students might also review the mentor options available through McKelvey School of Engineering.

Career Interest Groups

WashU Career Interest Groups bring together communities of students, staff, faculty and alumni to focus on highly desired career paths.

Success Stories

Learn from other WashU students through Success Stories – an interactive database where you can search for examples of internship and research experiences held by WashU students.