Umrath and South 40 Residential College

Umrath & South 40 Communities

Umrath House exteriorUmrath House

Double and triple bedroom units, each unit having its own private bathroom.



South 40 House

Primarily three-person or four-person suites with a few double suites, each suite having its own private bathroom.

At a Glance

First-Year Students
Colors: Light blue & red
Mascot: Red umbrella whale

  • Rum-B-Que
    Rum-B-Que is our annual bar-b-que held during the first few weeks of semester in the fall. It’s a chance for the whole ResCollege to get together to celebrate getting through the first few weeks of classes.
  • Whale Waffles
    About once a month the entire Res College gathers to enjoy delicious, freshly made waffles with delicious toppings! Keep an eye out for our first Whale Waffles! We often have prizes for the first to arrive.
  • Whale Week
    A consolidation of efforts by both the College Council and Resident Advisors staff, Whale Week is a week-long extravaganza featuring a fun event every night of the week. Events last year included inflating a giant whale on the swamp, Trivia night, Whale Waffles, and more. The events change every year so look out for the schedule this Fall! No matter what night of the week, look forward to having fun with friends and eating a lot of delicious food
  • Setup UR Roommate Dance
    The annual Setup UR Roommate Dance is a long-standing tradition in Umrath. The dance is a chance for residents of Umrath House and South 40 House to set their roommate up with a date. The dance is held on campus and features, music, food, and of course, dancing. Setup UR Roommate is planned and organized by College Council.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Room Dimensions: Umrath

Single: 8.5′ x 11′
Double: 11.5′ x 14′
Triple: 15′ x 14′

Floor Plan Documents