Travel Stipends

Thanks to a generous donation by a Washington University parent, an interview travel stipend is available to help defray some of the costs of traveling to an interview.

The stipend is available to current, full-time Washington University juniors and seniors or alumni who have graduated in the past six months. Financial need is a factor in stipend awards.

The interview travel stipend was created to support seniors and juniors who need assistance in traveling to job interviews either for permanent jobs or summer jobs that could lead to postgrad jobs. It is expected that these interviews are for career purposes only. Interviews and travel related to academic pursuits such as study abroad and graduate school admissions interviews will not be considered. In addition, this stipend cannot be used in conjunction with a road show. You can only receive the interview travel stipend once during your undergraduate studies.

The stipend will be used to reimburse your actual travel expenses after the trip has been completed. You will have to provide receipts for all expenses. Eligible expenses include airfare to and from the interview, one night in a hotel and ground transportation (taxis/trains/subway rides to and from airport and to and from interview). Food, alcohol and other expenses will not be reimbursed.

To apply, please complete the application below

Please complete an application as soon as you are aware of your interview. You must apply before the interview takes place. Stipends will not be awarded retroactively. You will need to provide proof of the interview such as an email from your contact confirming the time and location of the interview. Our goal is to process all applications within 48 hours of receipt, excluding weekends.

Once you have been selected to receive a stipend, you will be notified of the maximum amount for which you will be reimbursed. Keep in mind that you will be reimbursed for actual travel expenses and may not receive the maximum that has been awarded to you.

In accordance with Washington University policy, you will need to provide the following to be reimbursed:

Completed Stipend Reimbursement Form (this will be provided to you)

  • Receipt for airfare, along with boarding passes from each leg of trip
  • Final receipt from hotel (usually provided upon check-out)
  • Receipts from taxi rides or ride share (Lyft/Uber/etc…)
  • Receipts from subway or train rides (actual subway/train ticket can be used if receipt is not available)
Career Center: Travel Stipend Application Form

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