Ask an Advisor: It’s Tax Time, What do I need to know as an International Student?

Question: What do I need to know about Taxes in the U.S. as an International Student?

Answer:   One of the biggest questions we get at OISS from international students is, “Do I have to file taxes?” If you can answer yes to the question, “Were you physically present in the U.S. at any time during 2019?”, then the answer is simple – Yes, you must file taxes for 2019 (which are due April 15, 2020). Here is some additional information that you should know about filing taxes in the states as an F-1 Student here at WashU:

As a reminder: all non-resident F-1s and J-1s are required to file a tax return, regardless of whether or not you received income. For that reason, OISS will again offer the use of a program called GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP) at no charge to you. GTP is an online system designed to help you complete your return. It features a step-by-step approach for completing most individual foreign national non-resident returns and will allow you to print out your completed return for filing.

Glacier Tax Prep has instructed our office not to release the tax codes until the University sends out the 1042-S forms. Our office has been informed by the tax office the 1042-S forms will be sent in Mid-March with the Glacier Codes sent shortly after.

You will be receiving an e-mail directly from GTP with your username and access code. Please watch for an email from We recommend adding them to your safe list to avoid it going to the spam folder.

If you are a current student on OPT, you are still eligible to get a Glacier Tax Code but you will need to monitor our website and request a code be sent to you once they are available.

If you have any more questions about taxes in the States, then you can always reach out to your OISS Advisor.

Written by: Lara Jennings, International Student & Scholar Advisor

Date: 03-05-2020