What to do if you have been exposed to COVID-19

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Regardless of whether you have symptoms of COVID-19, you are expected to take the following precautions for 10 full days after the day you were last exposed (with the exposure […]

COVID-19 Isolation/Quarantine Protocols 2022/2023

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WashU will be following best practices set forth by the CDC and our local departments of health for isolating in place if students test positive for COVID-19. Under this protocol, […]

PCR vs AG tests for COVID-19

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There are two types of COVID tests, a PCR test and an Antigen test. Both tests are available at Habif. The PCR test measures genetic material from the virus and […]

COVID Vaccine Information

COVID-19 vaccination

See important information about receiving your COVID-19 vaccination through WashU.

Sumers Rec Registration Procedures

Student walking in front Sumers Rec Center

Detailed information on registering for a visit to the Sumers Rec Center, including cancellation instructions and the no-show policy.