Studio 1904

exercise class

Named to honor WashU’s connection to the 1904 Olympics and World’s Fair, Studio 1904 is considered to be Sumers Rec’s mind/body studio.

Studio 1904 is a smaller space outfitted with a ballet bar and a TRX ceiling truss as well as heating panels that enable hot yoga. It is home to most BearFit yoga and pilates classes as well as TRX and barre classes.

Studio 1904 is also a space members can use for informal fitness and stretching outside of scheduled class time.

Studio 1904 Policies
  1. Proper athletic attire must be worn in the studio. Shirts and pants/shorts are required. Sports bras are not considered a shirt.
  2. Shoes must be non-marking.
  3. The Studio 1904 audio system may only be controlled by WashU Rec staff.
  4. Disinfect and wipe down all equipment thoroughly after use.
  5. Backpacks and other personal items are not permitted on the floor. Store all belongings in temporary lockers. WashU Rec is not responsible for any lost or stolen belongings.
  6. Glass bottles and open containers are prohibited. Only plastic bottles and beverage containers with lids are permitted.
  7. Food of any kind is not permitted. Only water is allowed.
  8. Headphones must be worn when using portable electronic devices.
  9. Group workouts of five or more individuals are prohibited.
  10. Studio doors must remain open when not in use for a BearFit class.
  11. Dropping weights on the hardwood floor is prohibited.
  12. All equipment must be returned to its proper location.
  13. Do not place hands, feet or equipment on or against the mirrors.
  14. WashU Rec staff members have the final say in policy interpretation and enforcement. Failure to comply with any of these policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of recreation privileges.