Student Spotlight: Dohun Kim #WashUTogether


Written by: Lara Jennings, International Student and Scholar Advisor

As we click into Zoom, log into class, or tediously mail documents across the world, community connection has taken on a whole new meaning for many of us. For PhD in Economics student Dohun Kim, he has found his own niche with the Washington University Catholic Student Center (CSC).


Dohun explained, “The Catholic Student Center has been a safe haven where I can find the peace and the rest in the midst of the most stressful time of my Ph.D. program.  As a graduate student, I have been overwhelmed by such a busy schedule and pressure, that I often neglected what is really important in my life such as faith, health, family and friends.” He goes on to say that the CSC, “has always been the place where I can get away from the pressure and refocus on the true values that matter to me.”


Dohun goes on to say how he valued the efforts of the CSC to create a welcoming and inclusive community regardless of your background. As an international student he recalled, “It was difficult to connect with domestic students on campus because of cultural difference and language barriers. I often spent time with students from my own nationality or other international students whom I felt more comfortable with. Through CSC I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and have connection with both undergraduate and graduate students in Wash U, which helped me to learn about different culture and views.”


This May, Dohun will complete his PhD. Before he leaves for his next chapter in life, we asked him what he would tell other international students about getting involved around campus. He explained that through CSC he was able to step outside his comfort zone and have connection with both undergraduate and graduate students at WashU and he was grateful to learn a lot about different cultures and views. In closing, he expressed that he is confident by getting involved with CSC or any other groups on campus, that students will not regret it.


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