Meet the Student Conduct Ambassador Team

It is with great enthusiasm that the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards announces our 2019-20 student conduct ambassador team.

All of these students have great enthusiasm for:

  • bringing awareness to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards as well as the student judicial code
  • helping their fellow peers who are going through the student conduct process
  • providing preventative programming regarding how to avoid the student code

As many of the SCAs are also student workers for the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, if you are a student going through the student conduct process, please feel free to stop by and talk to one of our student workers or contact one of our SCAs to help answer any of your questions!

Examples of past programs that have been done by our student conduct ambassadors:

Fake Friendsdecorative image of text on page

  • Ursas Stageside – Fall 2019 date TBA
  • Featuring WUPD and Amanda Harmel
  • Sponsored by Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards and the WashU Student Conduct Ambassadors

Don’t Be Slimydecorative image of text on page

Just make it! Come, relax and make slime as you learn about our academic integrity policy.

  • Ursas Stageside – Fall 2019 date TBA
  • Presented by student conduct ambassadors

Upcoming Programs

Our team is currently in the planning phases for upcoming programs for this academic year.

Please follow us on all of our social media platforms for more information on upcoming programs and to learn more about the Student Conduct Ambassadors and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Team Members

Aerial ShafferAriel Schaffer

Hometown: Lynwood, IL
Major: Biology and Sociology
About Me: I hope to become a pediatric oncologist, and to use my sociology degree to help my community
Hobbies: Reading, hanging with friends, and watching movies.

Cheyenne Love

Hometown: Atlanta, GACheyenne Love
Major: Anthropology: Global Health and the Environment\
About Me: I’m a Virgo (just like Beyoncè) and my patronus is a monarch butterfly (just like Mariah). In short, Diva is my middle name.
Hobbies: Watching documentaries on Netflix, listening to music, textile painting, and getting my nails done

Harris Whiteson

Hometown: New York, NYHarris Whiteson
Major: Microbology
About Me: In my future, I hope to become a surgeon. I really enjoy sciences and learning about how the world works
Hobbies: Golf, hanging out with friends, walking my dog, eating

Meris Saric

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Political ScienceMeris Saric
About Me: I am a second-year student conduct ambassador who is very passionate about creating a safe and welcoming community on campus. Actively working with the student body is what I enjoy most, both in and out of the classroom.
Hobbies: Debate, volunteering, listening to music and various Sports

Naomi HorsfordNaomi Horsford

Hometown: Yonkers, NY
Major: Mechanical Engineering
About Me: I want getting to know people from different backgrounds and learning about different aspects about people and places.
Hobbies: Soccer, hanging out with friends, watching Project Runway and drawing

Ryan ChangRyan Chang

Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL
Major: Physics
About Me: I am passionate about physics and how physics can be applied to biology. I would like to become a physician-scientist in the future
Hobbies: Basketball, poker, biking in Forest Park