Sports Club Board


The Sports Club Board serves to build and maintain a diverse community of student-athletes here at Washington University, striving to promote and provide uniquely educational and recreational activities. It will foster organized competition, growth, friendship, challenges and do so in a manner that includes all member sports clubs of undergraduate students who choose to pursue an interest in a sport activity. The Sports Club Board’s purpose is to represent the interests of all sports club members, to bring them closer through their shared experiences, and to advocate for them in an organized, collective manner.

Who We Are

A sport club is any group of undergraduate students of Washington University in St. Louis who meet regularly to pursue an interest in a sport activity. Sports Club Board will comprise of the Presidents of each sport club and an Executive Board, advocating for their interests and developing community events.

Executive Committee

President: Vacant
Vice President: Vacant
Communications and Social Director: Vacant
Chief of Staff: Vacant
Director of Sport Clubs: Jamaica Cannon
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Sports Club Board Constitution (DOC)