Ethan A.H. Shepley Award

The Ethan A. H. Shepley Award is presented to outstanding seniors who have excelled in the areas of leadership, scholarship, and service to the campus community.

The chancellor will present the awards at the chancellor’s dinner for graduating seniors in May.

The selection committee would appreciate your assistance in identifying deserving nominees for the Ethan A.H. Shepley Award.

Student Affairs: Shepley Nomination Form

As the nominator, you have the option of submitting a letter of recommendation below for the nominee OR you can instead answer these two short questions about the nominee.

Please keep your responses limited to 250 words each.
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Maximum upload size: 33.55MB

Past Shepley Award Winners

2017 Shepley Award Winners

Ananya Benegal
Lucy Chin
Elizabeth Crist
Carl Hooks
Rohan Khazanchi
Jessica Landzberg
Billie Mandelbaum
Yaala Muller
Ryan Paige
Nora Rast
Natalie Runkle
Casey Sands
Vaibhav Sharma
Kenneth Sng

2015 Shepley Award Winners

Ryan Blumenstein
Jazmin Branch
Mary “Maggie” Gardner
Reuben Riggs
John Schmidt
Seiko Shastri
Delia Shen
Jeremy Sherman
Jason Silberman
Emma Tyler

2014 Shepley Award Winners

Joshua Aiken
Vivek Ashok
Katherine Bush
Claire Edelman
Adam Flores
Tiffini Hyatt
Sean Janda
Rose McCarty
Rebecca Raftery
Matthew Re
Ana Solorio
Ishaq Abdullah Winters

2013 Shepley Award Winners

Rachel Binstock
Peter Birke
Mamatha Challa
Grace Chao
Madeleine Daepp
Michael Harries
Jennifer Ibe
Siddharth Krishnan
Andres Mitchell
Jeremy Pivor
Jeremy Scheiner