Sexual Health Tips

Due to COVID-19, all sexual health promotion events, programs, and activities will be held virtually until further notice. There will be no STI screening events 2020-2021 but STI screening remains available at Habif. Call 314-935-6677 for all medical appointments related to sexual health.

  • Practice safer sex.
  • To minimize risk of unplanned pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections (STI), use safer sex supplies properly during sexual activity.
  • Free safer sex supplies including condoms, lube, and dams are provided at the Habif Health and Wellness Center and the Zenker Wellness Suite in the Sumers Recreation Center.
  • Free pregnancy tests are available at both sites.
  • Contraception, including Emergency Contraception or EC, is available at Habif (pharmacy on site).
  • STI screening and treatment are available at Habif Monday through Friday.
  • Alcohol and other drugs affect judgment, impede the ability to consent, and can lead to unsafe sex.