SEVP Portal Information

The SEVP Portal is a tool that lets F-1 students on post-completion optional practical training (OPT) report address, telephone and employer information to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). You must report directly to the portal within 10 days if you change your address, or start/stop employment, to maintain your status.

Instructions on how to update these details can be found starting on page 23 of the SEVIS User Guide.


After your OPT application is approved AND the OPT authorization is active, you will get an invitation email within a few days from (For example, if your card is approved on December 10, and the start date on the card is December 15, the invitation will be sent after December 15.)

When you create your account, you will be asked to enter your SEVIS ID number and create a password. You can find your SEVIS ID in the top left corner of your Form I-20, below the words ‘Department of Homeland Security.’

Carefully review the password guidelines for the portal.

For more information on how to navigate the SEVP Portal, visit SEVP Portal Help website.

Common Issues

The link in my invitation email has expired or I cannot find my original invitation email.
Request that a new link is sent to you by completing this form.

I created an account, but now I can’t log-in.
Try using this log in link

I got an error message that said “Unable to Authenticate User.”
Check your WebSTAC account to make sure you are using the exact email address on file. For example, rather than

My account is locked.
If you have tried your password unsuccessfully three times, you will get locked out. To request a password re-set you must complete this form: SEVP Portal Access Request

For all other questions:
Refer to the SEVP Portal Help webpage, or contact the SEVP Response Center:

  • Contact SEVP by email
  • Telephone at (703) 603-3400 (Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET, except U.S. holidays)

STEM Students take note!

  • You cannot be self-employed on STEM.
  • You cannot report a job change in the SEVP portal, you must use our forms.

After your OPT expires:
Students will only have access to the SEVP Portal for up to six months after their OPT ends. In preparation for account closure, SEVP strongly encourages students to print or save a copy of their portal record for future reference, including their Event History.

Questions? Send an email with the Subject Line: SEVP Portal Question