Road Shows with the
Career Center

You are invited to join us for one of these 1-2 day trips focused on key interest areas in top-destination cities. Road Shows are an excellent opportunity to learn about industry roles, get inside top-notch organizations, meet alumni and recruiting contacts, and get valuable advice that will enhance your candidacy. All full-time WashU students are eligible to apply.


How do I apply for a Road Show?
Complete the application form via each track page or search Handshake under Job Postings.  Be sure to complete the Google form as well. Space is limited. All wait listed students will be expected to attend the prep session.

What is expected of me? 
  • Participants must attend all visits and activities associated with the Road Show. If a student misses one activity or visit, he/she will be excluded from participating in the remainder of the trip. In addition, financial assistance will be revoked for any student who does not satisfactorily participate in all Road Show activities.
  • Participants will be required to attend a mandatory session to prepare for the event. See trip specifics for exact dates/times.
  • All applicants should have their resume reviewed at the Career Center before applying on Handshake. You may bring your resume to Quick Questions in to DUC 110, Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

How much does it cost?
Students are responsible for paying for and arranging transportation to and from the city (via air, car, etc), lodging, some meals and misc expenses. Road Show stipends may be available to help defray travel costs.

Are there Road Show stipends available?
Yes. Stipends are available to students to help offset the costs. Unless otherwise stated, you must be a current, full-time student who receives financial aid to qualify for a stipend. Stipends are a reimbursement based award that require transportation and/or accommodation receipts.

In accordance with Washington University policy, you will need to provide the following to be reimbursed:

  • Completed Stipend Reimbursement Form (this will be provided to you)
  • Receipt for airfare, along with boarding passes from each leg of trip
  • Final receipt from hotel (usually provided upon check-out)
  • Receipts from taxi rides
  • Receipts from subway or train rides (actual subway/train ticket can be used if receipt is not available)

For more information about anticipated costs and stipends, please visit the Road Show track you are interested in applying.

Questions? Please contact us.