Request for Testing Accommodations Form

Disability Resources will not administer exams and quizzes until further notice. Please communicate with Your Faculty to set up your testing accommodations. Even if you did so at the beginning of the semester, provide your instructors a copy of your accommodation letter, and talk with them about your intent to utilize the accommodations. It is your responsibility to inform faculty of your needs and approved academic accommodations. Please request testing accommodations prior to tests. Online test platforms allow faculty to easily adjust established settings for students, particularly individuals needing extended time. If you receive DR authorized testing accommodations, confirm this need with your instructors. DR staff can assist you (and faculty) with questions. When messaging faculty, CC: Disability Resources. We welcome the opportunity to assist students in conversations with their instructors. If you choose, add in the “CC” line of your email, and use the subject line: “DR Accommodations” (or similar).”