Registering Your Student Group

How to Register Your Student Group

To re-register your student group with Campus Life go to WUGO and sign in.  Click on the top right menu icon and select Manage.  From there you can navigate to the group you want to re-register and click the blue button in the center of the page to begin the form.  Click here to watch short video on how to navigate to the form.

Re-registration Requirements

Student Group Re-registration opens April 1st each year. To use WUGO for space reservations, event registration, calendar, and more AND to unlock SU Finance for the upcoming academic year – all groups must re-register by April 15.  After that date all groups who have not registered will be moved to an inactive student group status.

Who to contact if you need help

Please contact Peggy Hermes with any questions about the registration process.

Why should I re-register my group?

All student groups need to register with Campus Life through their WUGO page.  This registration is a renewal of the student group and gives the group access to space reservations, Campus Life resources and advising, and unlocks SU Finance.  All officer, member, and roster updates should be tracked in WUGO to keep group records up-to-date.


When re-registering your group please be sure to select ONLY one President and one Treasurer as main group contacts.

Others should be listed as Co-President or Co-Treasurer and given an additional title of SU Finance Requester as necessary.   This is a requirement of the system and registration applications will be denied if more than 1 President or Treasurer is listed on the roster.

Position Titles

Use President and Treasurer instead of SU Recognized President and SU Recognized Treasurer.  To streamline the system to accommodate non-SU recognized groups we will be phasing those position templates out.

You can also create your own positions based on your group structure.  Just be sure to select only 1 President and 1 Treasurer as well.

What if our leadership changes?

If your leadership changes and you need to adjust who has access to SU Finance or space reservations please update your WUGO roster and email the Assistant Director for Student Involvement and Student Groups so we can manually update our systems.  Changing your Treasurer after Student Group Leader Training will require some additional 1:1 training with Student Union in order to unfreeze your account.

Registering an Advisor

Some student groups are required to work with an advisor. Groups can be informed of their requirement to have an advisor during any point in the Registration process.  Groups will need to provide the name and email address of their advisor and upload a signed Advisor Agreement in order to complete the re-registration.

What if I want to start a new group?

Click here to register a new student group. You will need to be registered with Campus Life to have the option of being recognized by Student Union (SU).

Why am I not showing up in SU Finance or WUGO?

  • Your group has not completed the registration.
  • Your account is frozen for another reason. Check with your Business Coordinator if you think this might be the case.
  • You listed more than 1 President or Treasurer in WUGO.  SU Finance can only support 1 person in each position per group.  If your group has more than 1, the system will choose only one to associate.
  • Your group is inactive in WUGO.  Please contact Peggy Hermes, Assistant Director for Campus Life to learn more about how to reactivate a group.
  • YOU MUST LOG IN TO WUGO AND ACCEPT ANY POSITIONS YOU ARE GIVEN.  If you do not they will not attach to your name and will not pull to lists.

What do the position titles mean for SU Finance?

  • President – access to view and create forms, but not submit.
  • Treasurer – all access account privileges and can submit forms on behalf of the group.
  • SU Finance Requester – this is the same as “member” in SU Finance.  It provides access to view and create forms, but not submit.