Process for Rapid Access Zoom Counseling Appointments

End of Semester “Rapid Access” Zoom Appointments

Based on positive student feedback last Spring, Mental Health Services will again offer the same scheduling process designed to increase end of semester access to counseling appointments. Beginning November 28, all counseling appointments will transition to “Rapid Access Counseling Zoom Appointments.” Students will be able to schedule both return and new appointments with a counselor beginning 16 hours prior to the time they would like to be seen. For example, a student wishing to meet with a therapist at 8 a.m. on Thursday, December 1, would be able to use the portal beginning at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, November 31 to schedule that appointment

How to Schedule

Returning and new clients will see only one option to schedule a counseling appointment on the Habif Student Portal. Students will select “Rapid Access Counseling Zoom Appointment.” If the first choice is not available, try for another day/time. We anticipate that the great majority of requests will be able to be filled. Other MHS services such as psychiatry appointments will continue to be scheduled as usual. The $20 charge for missed appointments will remain in effect. The standard scheduling process will resume on Thursday, December 22.

Students may select any available therapist for the appointment. Depending on appointment volume, we cannot guarantee that the specific provider selected will always be available. However, the time and date of the appointment will not be changed. If you currently meet with a Habif therapist, please speak with your therapist about any further questions.

If you experience difficulty with scheduling, are experiencing an emergency, or have questions, as always please call 314-935-6695 for assistance. We will be glad to assist you.