Statement on Removal of Protections for LGBTQIA+

On June 12, 2020, the Trump Administration finalized a rule removing nondiscrimination protections for healthcare and health insurance for LGBTQIA+ people.

The Habit Health and Wellness Center vehemently decries this rule and the harm it will cause to LGBTQIA+ communities. Each person deserves comprehensive, caring, whole person care. No one should fear for lack of access to care or lack of quality care because of who they are.  At Habif, we are committed to providing affirming physical and mental healthcare to LGBTQIA+ individuals.

We are also committed to continual learning, improvement and acknowledgement of areas in which we can better serve our LGBTQIA+ student population. Throughout the calendar year, medical, mental health and health promotion staff attend several trainings from community partners and the WashU School of Medicine on physical and mental healthcare for LGBTQIA+  students.

Regardless of federal rulings, we commit to continue to provide whole person care to the WashU LGBTQIA+ student population and we remain steadfast in our dedication to learn how to improve our care.

LGBTQIA+ students, we see you; you matter to us.