Application for Pershing Fellowship

Application deadline: Friday, February 17, 2023

Program Description 

The Pershing Fellowship in Non-Profit Leadership (Pershing Fellowship) is a paid summer internship program in St. Louis offered by the Washington University in St. Louis Career Center. The program provides financial support, programming, and experience to ten Washington University undergraduate students interested in non-profit leadership. Pershing Fellows will be matched with summer internship roles at non-profit organizations focused on a range of activities including social services, education, healthcare, and arts and culture in the St. Louis region. Students in the Pershing Fellowship will each receive a $10,000 summer stipend and will participate in regular professional development activities, including meeting with leaders from across the St. Louis community, learning about the landscape of non-profit and community organizations in the region, and connecting with cohort and community members. The goal of the Fellowship is to provide students with engaging and challenging projects that will enable them to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and impact of non-profit careers in general and St. Louis non-profits in particular. Students participating in the Pershing Fellowship will be asked to prepare and deliver a short presentation of their work and contribution to the organization and the community at the conclusion of their summer internship experience. 

Interested sophomores and juniors should apply using the form below. Applications will be assessed based on students’ commitment to: 

  • Leadership: leading others to a common organizational goal; 
  • Scholarship: high performance in academic pursuits; and 
  • Citizenship: commitment to improve a community. 

Applicant finalists will receive an invitation to interview with the program committee. Finalists will be able to rank their preferences for matching with an internship host organization during the interview process. 

Application form

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Application deadline: Friday, February 17, 2023

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