Olympic Studio

Students in yoga poses

Named to honor WashU’s connection to the 1904 Olympics, the Olympic Studio is located at the west end of the main concourse on Level 3.

The Sumers Rec Center’s largest group exercise space, the Olympic Studio, hosts most BearFit classes involving dynamic movement such as Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Turbokick, Energy Sculpt and Zumba.

With a 24-foot ceiling, sprung wood floor, and 8-foot mirrors lining two walls, The Olympic Studio is a large but inviting space that anchors our BearFit programming. Large, 12-foot windows adorn the upper west wall and allow for great natural light, but electric solar and black-out shades are built-in to accommodate different programmatic needs.

Olympic Legacy

The name Olympic Studio, was chosen to recognize and celebrate the 1904 Summer Olympics that were held in St. Louis, on the very footprint of present-day athletic and recreation facilities.

Formally known as the Games of the III Olympiad, they were the first in the Western Hemisphere and featured significant historical athletic achievements involving diversity and inclusion.

Working with both the Missouri History Museum and Chicago History Museum, we sourced images that would provide both narration to the significance of the feats and also inspire the students and members utilizing this recreational space in the pursuit of self-growth and betterment. The structural beams traversing the wall directly beneath the imagery serves as the canvas to provide the storytelling for these stirring illustrations.