Request consideration to study remotely based on international travel restriction or inability to obtain a visa to enter the United States

Requesting consideration to study remotely: guidelines and process for undergraduate students

The review process will start with an evaluation of your request and necessary supporting documentation.

If your request for remote study is deemed reasonable, an administrator from your home school will contact you to begin a conversation about your fall classes. This school official will work with you and relevant departments and instructors to determine your fall schedule. Not all courses will be available for remote participation, and availability of remote coursework may vary from school to school. If some of your courses are not available remotely and they are required for your degree program, you may be offered alternative classes by the department or program, although this is not guaranteed.

You should not reach out directly to instructors asking to be allowed to take their course remotely. Instructors will not permit an individual to participate remotely in a course that does not already allow remote participants without approval through this process.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit their requests by July 15, 2021.

Approval to study remotely is not binding. If your situation changes and you are able to come to campus, you may study in person for the fall, so long as you arrive by September 10, 2021.

OISS will contact you regarding the outcome of your request, and connect you to the appropriate school official to discuss your fall schedule if your request is approved.

OISS: Fall 2021 Request for Remote Study
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