Mental Health Promotion

Due to COVID-19, all mental health promotion events, programs, and activities will be held virtually until further notice. Ask a question or get more information by emailing

Graduate students, and Peer Health Educators are available to host programs or conduct training sessions for students, student groups, classes, staff, and faculty. Frequent topics of the programs are stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, managing uncertainty, mindfulness, and how to help someone in emotional distress. For more information or to request a workshop or presentation, you can reach out via email.

Peer Health Educators

A Peer Health Educator (PHE) is a student volunteer deeply interested in health promotion activities including outreach, programming, and communications. PHE’s receive training by health professionals in many areas of wellness including stress management and mental health, sleep, lower risk drinking and safer sex. They are members of classes, teams, groups, residential colleges, co-ops, etc. They are your friends, lab partners, suitemates… They are committed to creating a healthier Wash U. You will see them on the Danforth campus promoting health and wellness and planning exciting and educational events.

Specifically, the Mental Health Peer Health Educators are trained on mental health and wellbeing as it relates to college student life. Past programming includes: Impostor Syndrome Panel, Mental Health Awareness Week, Gratitude Week, meet and greets with Habif mental health professionals, events normalizing difficulties in transitioning to college for first year students, and more.

More Mental Health Information: