Lunch by the Dozen

Lunch by the Dozen is a chance for new students to meet and eat with their professors.

New students have the opportunity to participate in a series of lunches throughout the year with faculty who teach larger, mostly first-year student, classes. All first-year students in the class receive an email invitation to sign up for a meal with a faculty member and a small group of their classmates. Faculty who teach these introductory classes such as chemistry, psychology, physics, history, math and art history will host the lunches in the First Year Center.

Students who participated last year tell us that they appreciated the opportunity to get to know their professor in a setting that is a little less intimidating than office hours and a lot more conducive to conversation than the classroom. Professors tell us that they enjoy the opportunity for a more relaxed setting for dialogue with students.

Check your email during the academic year for announcements!

Classes and Professors that participated in Lunch by the Dozen during the 2018-19 academic year:


  1. A46 183A: Practices in Architecture + Art + Design
  2. B50 2610: Principles of Financial Accounting
  3. B53 100: Individual in a Managerial Environment
  4. B54 290: Microeconomics
  5. E81 131: Computer Science I
  6. E81 132: Computer Science II
  7. E81 247: Data Structures and Algorithms
  8. E81 131R: Seminar: Computer Science I
  9. L01 113: History of Western Art, Architecture & Design
  10. L07 151: General Chemistry  Laboratory  I
  11. L07 152: General Chemistry Laboratory II
  12. 07 111A: General  Chemistry I
  13. L11 1011: Introduction to Microeconomics
  14. L11 1021: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  15. L13 104: Writing Identity
  16. L19 131: Natural Disasters
  17. L24 131: Calculus I
  18. L24 132: Calculus II
  19. L24 233: Calculus III
  20. L24 309: Matrix Algebra
  21. L31 197: Physics I
  22. L31 198: Physics II
  23. L32 102B: Introduction to Comparative Politics
  24. L33 105: First-Year Opportunity: Psychology of Young Adulthood
  25. L33 100B: Introduction to Psychology
  26. L40 2020: Order and Change in Society
  27. L41 181: First-Year Opportunity: Introduction to Cutting-Edge Research in Biology
  28. L41 2651: MedPrep I – The Lecture Series
  29. L48 397: Proseminar: Issues and Research in Anthropology
  30. L48 160B: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


  1. Sudeshna Bandyopadhyay
  2. Tim Bono
  3. J. Dillon Brown
  4. Julie Bugg
  5. Dante Cannarozzi
  6. Roger Chamberlain
  7. Geoff Childs
  8. Emily Cohen-Shikora
  9. Steve Cole
  10. David Cunningham
  11. Ron Cytron
  12. Megan Daschbach
  13. Bhupal Dev
  14. Jan Duchek
  15. Manel Errando Trias
  16. Regina Frey
  17. Mairin Hynes
  18. Martin Israel
  19. Silas Johnson
  20. Mike Krawczynski
  21. Lisa Kuehne
  22. Zawadi Lemayian
  23. Glenn MacDonald
  24. Hossein Mahzoon
  25. Dorothy Petersen
  26. Greg Polites
  27. E.A. Quinn
  28. Alison Redden
  29. Guillermo Rosas
  30. Bryce Sadtler
  31. Jack Shapiro
  32. John Shareshian
  33. Jenny Shrensker
  34. Bill Siever
  35. Paul Stein
  36. Ari Stern
  37. Kedron Thomas
  38. Blake Thornton
  39. Ulya Tsolmon
  40. William Wallace
  41. Mladen Wickerhauser
  42. Heather Woofter