LSAT Prep Course

Our LSAT Prep Course gives students a chance to become acquainted with the intricacies of the exam, learn strategies for tackling its different kinds of problems, and practice test-taking strategies.

Because we only serve Washington University students, the course is specifically designed with your abilities and needs in mind. When our students give us feedback, it has a direct and immediate impact on our course design.

Course Details

  • All classes are held on campus.
  • Proctored practice LSAT exams are part of the class and are held on campus.
  • Instructors are trained Washington University JD students. Unlike many other prep courses, all instructors have taken the LSAT.
  • The cost is much lower than commercial courses and can be charged to your student account. All textbooks and full-length, official LSAT practice tests are included.
  • Unlike other courses, we provide screening and readiness advising to ensure that students have the prerequisites necessary to succeed in the course and on the LSAT exam.


  • February – April (No meetings will be held over spring break!)
  • Lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 p.m.
  • Three Proctored Practice Exams on Saturdays during the course

Sample Schedule LSAT 2018 (PDF)

Costs and Deadlines


Deadline to Apply: December 20

Questions? Contact Cecily Ferguson.


Spring 2019 LSAT Prep Course Application is now open!

Spring 2019 LSAT Prep Course Application

Course Page

Spring 2018 Course Schedule (PDF)

Practice Test 1: TBD
Location: Cornerstone (Gregg House) Seminar Room

Practice Test 2: TBD
Location: Cornerstone (Gregg House) Seminar Room

Practice Test 3: TBD
Location: Cornerstone (Gregg House) Seminar Room

Contact Cecily Ferguson.