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The LeaderShape® Institute is an interactive, energizing, and unique experience that builds leadership skills no other program can match. Since 1986, approximately 56,000 participants have graduated from the program from all over the world. But be prepared! It is six days of non stop self-discovery and learning from practical experiences that build your leadership concepts and abilities. It’s go, go, go 12 hours a day… and you’ll love it!

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The LeaderShape® Institute is a 4-day, off campus retreat experience involving dialogue and leadership self discovery in a supportive community of up to 60 Washington University undergraduate students.

Day 1: The Value of One, The Power of All

Participants begin to explore what leadership means and discuss its core components, meet the other participants in the Learning Community and join 8-12 other young adults in a group called the Family Cluster. As the primary reference group, the Family Cluster offers feedback and support while helping participants develop and refine a vision for the future.

Participants then add another dimension to self-awareness by completing a behavior style inventory. From that information, each participant has an opportunity to set several personal goals for the week and share those with members of the Family Cluster. Participation in exercises which explore the concept of inclusive leadership and how to create communities which value respect, openness, and diverse opinions.

Day 2: Challenging What Is, Looking to What Could Be

Creating a powerful vision is one of the most important aspects of leadership! During this exciting day, participants begin to work on developing their own visions which define a bold change for the future in their community, group, cause, or organization back home.

A vision is only a dream unless it results in action. Three key requirements are discussed (relationships, goals, and action steps) which move a vision forward. In addition, the issue of power is explored in a dynamic group simulation exercise.

Day 3: Living & Leading with Integrity

The concept of integrity is a challenging one, but it is central to LeaderShape Institute’s philosophy of lifelong leadership development. Participants discuss how core ethical values, thoughtful decisions, and courage all play critical roles in sustaining integrity and fostering trust and respect.

Day 4: Staying in Action

On this final day, participants prepare to return home and face the responsibilities of being an Institute graduate who practices the discipline of leading with integrity. Participants learn what it means to be a part of the nationwide LeaderShape Institute community, a network of mutual encouragement and support. A Learning Community Commencement ceremony concludes the week

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