International Students Most Asked Questions, August 2020 Town Hall

Are international students allowed to arrive after the first day of classes?
Yes, but they must be here by add/drop date.
Can international students take all of their classes remotely outside of the US? PhDs? New Students? Returning students?
Depends on your academic program. Please consult with your school.
Will international students need to quarantine upon arrival to WashU? If so, what will that process look like?
No. WashU will not require international students to quarantine upon arrival but students are asked to limit interactions with others outside of their family 14 days before they travel to the U.S.
Can international students bring family with them for move-in?
Yes. If you are moving in on campus, you may only bring two family members with you.
If students decide to study remotely in the fall, but return to WashU in the spring, will they need a new visa?
If you are a continuing F-1 student, according to the SEVP Fall 2020 guidance, you may maintain your F-1 record if you are taking a full course load from outside the U.S. When you return for the Spring, you can continue on the same F-1 visa.  Please see Fall 2020 ICE Guidance for F-1 Students.
If an international student is unable to make it to the US or wishes to study remotely, will they still have to pay the activity and health fees?
No. One must only pay the health insurance fees if they plan to study the U.S. at any point during the Fall 2020 semester.  The process of obtaining a waiver of this fee is still being determined.
Can international students who decide they wish to study all classes remotely stay in the US?
This is only allowed if you are a continuing student or a transfer in student who has remained in the U.S. since March 9, 2020.
How did the new housing decision affect international juniors and seniors who lost their university housing? Do they qualify for the exemption?
International juniors and seniors can request an exemption to allow them to be housed on-campus but there are limited spaces available.
Are there any partner institutions that international students can study at in their own country and still receive WashU credit?
No, unfortunately, studying at a partner institution abroad is not an optional that is available to WashU students.
When do international students need to arrive at WashU?
Ideally, an incoming international student arrives by the reporting date on their I-20.

The latest any international student should arrive is by the add/drop date.

If an international student decides to study remotely at home, how does that affect their OPT time?
This is complicated. Please consult directly with your OISS Advisor.
If university operations move online, would international students be able to stay in the US?
Yes, international students will remain in legal status if the university moves fully online due to COVID-19.
How do the new ICE rules affect the different visa types?
New F-1 and J-1 students must take at least one in person class.  Continuing F-1 and J-1 students can study fully online. Students on other visas are not affected by the most recent ICE and Department of State rules.
Will classes be taught asynchronously to accommodate students in different time zones?
Yes, information about the modality of each course is being added to Course Listings in the coming weeks.
Can international students take a leave of absence? If so, how does the process work?
Please contact your OISS Advisor for more information.