Health Insurance and Coverage when Traveling Abroad

The Student Health Insurance Plan has insurance coverage available to you while you are abroad.

You will most likely not be able to use your insurance directly when you are abroad. Providers outside of the U.S. typically do not accept U.S. health plans.

You may have to pay for healthcare up front with international providers.

Providers abroad are considered “in-network” on the student health insurance plan and you will be reimbursed accordingly. Submit care receipts directly to the student health insurance plan or other health insurance plan as applicable for direct reimbursement.

Submit care receipts directly to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Medical Emergencies while Abroad

The WashU student health care policy automatically comes with a powerful global assistance plan called UHC Global.

With UHC Global, any time a member travels more than 100 miles from home or to another country and experiences a medical emergency, they can make a single phone call to the Operation Center for help (within the US: 800-527-0218; outside the US: 410-453-6330). Their call will be answered by one of UHC Global’s medically-certified crisis managers, who can put in motion a vast number of emergency resources to solve any problem, 24/7.

UHC Global will only cover transportation costs if they have given prior approval or if these services are coordinated by UHC Global. You must contact UHC Global prior to arranging services.

For questions concerning insurance benefits, enrollment, deductibles, claims, etc., contact UHC Customer Service at: 866-346-4826.