W. Alfred Hayes Award

The W. Alfred Hayes Award is presented to outstanding senior athletes who by personal example have provided constructive leadership at Washington University.

The chancellor will present the awards at the chancellor’s dinner for graduating seniors in May.

The selection committee would appreciate your assistance in identifying deserving nominees for the W. Alfred Hayes Award.

Student Affairs: Hayes Nomination Form

As the nominator, you have the option of submitting a letter of recommendation below for the nominee OR you can instead answer these two short questions about the nominee.

Please keep your short answers to fewer than 250 words.
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Past Hayes Award Winners

2017 Hayes Award Winners

Mindy Borovsky
Elizabeth Crist
Bradley Margolin
Daisy Ogede
Deko Ricketts
John Tomlin

2016 Hayes Award Winners

Julian Clarke
Josh Cogan
Mitchell McMahon
Amanda Martinez
Jackie Nelligan
Luke Silverman-Lloyd
Alison Zastrow

2015 Hayes Award Winners

Lucy Cheadle
Melissa Gilkey
Lindsay Juriga
David Wang
William Wilder
Lauren Yung

2014 Hayes Award Winners

Christopher Coon
Timothy Cooney
Elizabeth Handschy
Jessica Johnson
Lucy Montgomery
Michael Perez
Ahkianne Imani Wanliss

2013 Hayes Award Winners

Anne Diaz-Arrastia
Sondra Polonsky
Adam Putterman
William Small
Nishi Tavernier