Habif Center Letter to New Students

Dear Student,

Habif Health and Wellness Center welcomes you to Washington University!

We provide Medical, Mental Health and Health Education/Prevention services to all full-time students. Appointments are available for your convenience. You can also see more information about our pharmacy and other services, office hours and fees.

In order to keep our campus healthy and lower the risk of communicable diseases, you are required to provide Habif with the following important and necessary health documents.

  • Meningococcal vaccine (MCV4), including a booster if the first dose was given before age 16. This requirement is for undergraduate students only.
  • Two doses of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR), after one year of age, or proof of immunity (blood tests).
  • Flu Vaccine: All students are required to receive an annual flu shot after August 1 and before November 1. As these may not be available in your community prior to coming to WashU, there will be opportunities to receive a flu shot at Habif or on-campus vaccination events.
  • A COVID-19 Vaccine is required for all students. The following vaccines will meet this requirement:
    • Pfizer (2 doses)
    • Moderna (2 doses)
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • AstraZeneca (2 doses)
    • Additional vaccinations may be approved as more is learned about various products’ efficacies and new COVID variants; this list will be updated accordingly.
  • International students coming from countries where Tuberculosis is endemic will need Tuberculosis testing within six months of matriculation.
  • The health history form includes emergency contact information and a medical history which will become part of your confidential health record.

This information must be submitted via the Student Portal. You will be unable to access your residence hall room on move-in day if this requirement has not been completed. Due to a system upgrade, the immunization upload portion of the student portal will be unavailable until July 1. Students should visit the portal after July 1 to upload evidence of the immunization history. If you have any questions call (314) 935-6677. 

While the vaccines listed above are the only ones required for attendance, we encourage you to submit all of your immunization information and advise you to check with your doctor to be sure you are up to date on all of your immunizations. Meningitis B vaccine is not required, but we do recommend it. Habif has all of these vaccines available if you need them.

All full-time students are required to have health insurance. You are automatically enrolled in the university student health insurance plan through United Healthcare Student Resources. If you wish to opt out of this insurance, there is a waiver process that must be completed by Sept 5. Your current insurance must meet specific criteria in order to waive out of the student health insurance plan. The waiver process will be available after July 1 to all university students with the exception of those students with a J1 and F1 Visa status while in the United States. Please read more on this website for complete information about the student health insurance requirement, the student health insurance plan information, and the waiver process.

We are excited that you have decided to join us at Washington University, and we are eager to meet and work with you.


Cheri LeBlanc, MD

Executive Director, Habif Health and Wellness Center – Student Health Services