GPS Leadership Series

The 2020 GPS Leadership Series consists of monthly workshop offerings, within four categories:

GPS Leadership Series Monthly Workshops














  • Student Group Leader Training (SGLT)
    • Required for all student group leaders
    • Live and pre-recorded sessions offered
    • Information on polic
    • Resources for programming
    • COVID support
    • Student Union updates
  • Emerging Leaders (EL)
    • Intro to leadership development
    • Open to all
    • Encouraged for all new student group leaders
    • Encouraged for all first-year students
    • Translating leadership experiences into the professional world
  • Identity Exploration (IE)
    • Facilitated conversations around identity
    • Self awareness and commitment of values
    • How to grow into a better person and a better leader
  • Community Development (CD)
    • Facilitated conversations around collaboration and conflict
    • Team building
    • Effective facilitation and purpose as leaders
    • How to best support your communities

This combination of workshops will create opportunities for student leaders to gain more insight on policy and important information for student group operations (SGLT), provide introductory competency in leadership skills for new group leaders and all students who are interested in learning more (EL), facilitate conversations around identity and self-awareness (IE), and discuss the application of leadership skills outside of yourself (CD).

Student group leaders must attend four workshop offerings by the end of the semester to remain in good standing. Emerging Leader sessions are open to all first-year students, new student group leaders, and all others who want more leadership skills; these sessions will start in November. Certain workshops may cover multiple topics and will be noted as such.

All workshop offerings, including dates and times are subject to change. See an up-to-date-schedule.

For further information, contact Campus Life.