A Statement from Habif in Response to the Death of George Floyd

The Habif Health and Wellness Center stands with the rest of Washington University in St. Louis in expressing our sorrow, compassion, and righteous indignation on behalf of all those affected by the most recent acts of racialized violence in our country.

We stand with the Washington University community in unequivocally condemning these acts. We pledge to acknowledge, examine and address the sort of systemic inequities that lead to and perpetuate such violence.

While these events are difficult for all of us to process, we recognize that they are particularly painful for people of color within our community. Not only are these recent events traumatic, they are also reminders of many other traumas stretching back centuries. There is a full range of normal emotions one might experience in response to these latest events, including feelings of sadness, anger, fear, frustration, helplessness, numbness or shock. Habif Mental Health Services is holding space for you at this time, whether you have been directly impacted by a traumatic event or are experiencing trauma vicariously. Please contact us if you or a friend would like support in coping with these recent events and all the emotions they evoke.

In Solidarity,

Habif Health and Wellness