Forming a Residential Life Group

Forming your group for Housing Selection is an important step. We want you to form your group based on who you want to live with and in what style of room you would like to live in. We encourage you to talk with, meet with, and or get to know your potential roommates for next year. Have these conversations early. 

Students can group with any student who is eligible for the current years housing selection process AND has submitted their housing application by the deadline. We encourage groups to form with their class year. 

What does it mean when mixing class years? 

We know there a students who wish to group with a mix of class years whether it be because you have a friend who is a junior or a friend who has taken a leave – impacting their class year status.

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors can group with any class level or gender of their choosing. Students who mix groups groups will be given later time slots.  As a reminder,

  • Rising sophomores will be given priority in selecting on-campus housing options.
  • Rising juniors and seniors will be given priority in selecting off-campus housing options.

Grouping will begin on March 15, 2021.

Connect with other Students throughout the process

Are you looking to build your group or join one? See what’s coming soon below. 

Discord: Residential Life has joined DISCORD to create a space for you to connect on a continuous basis. 

Virtual Roommate Mixers: Virtual Roommate Mixers to help students engage 1:1. We will be hosting Roommate Mixers on the dates and times below.

Rising Sophomores

Rising sophomores who wish to register for room selection as a group should be aware of the following information:

  • Rising sophomore students are highly encouraged to form groups of 4. 
  • There are very limited 3 and 2 person options. 
  • There are no 1-person options available for sophomore students. 

Rising Juniors and Seniors

Rising juniors and seniors who wish to register for room selection as a group should be aware of the following information:

  • Rising juniors and seniors are highly encouraged to form groups of 3. 
  • There are very limited 2 and 1 person options. 
  • There are no 4-person options available for rising juniors and seniors.

Forming a Group

Identify A Group Leader

  1. Before registering, groups must identify the group leader. 
  2. The group leader creates the group for others to join. 
  3. The group leader will create the group name and password. 
  4. The group leader will select for the group at the assigned time slot during the selection period.

Add Each Member to the Group on the Portal

  1. Each member is responsible for adding themselves to the group created by the group leader.
  2. You will need the group name and password to add yourself to your group. 
  3. In selecting your group name and password, please choose wisely so that all members can access and add the information necessary to be successful in the grouping process.
  4. All members should have their housing application submitted to be visible for adding. 
  5. All members preferences should match before adding members to the group.
  6. All members of the group will receive the same time slot. 
  7. Students may only register as part of one group at a given time.

How to Change  A Group Leader: 

  1. Group Leaders will log into the Housing Portal and enter into their submitted housing application to find their group summary.
  2. From there, the group leader should see a set of options on the right hand side of the group members name(s) except their own.
  3. The group leader then appoints a new group leader by clicking on the Make Leader button.








Note: The group leader is able to add members to the group. If they add you and you receive notification, you can consider yourself added to your housing selection group.

Forming a group of 1:

Students who wish to participate in the Housing Selection process as an individual are able to form a group of 1. Students who receive an assigned date and time will be able to make their selection during the selection period. This option is only available to rising juniors and seniors. 

If you choose not to form a group, that is perfectly okay. Our office will administratively assign you following the close of the selection period.


*Millbrook Apartments are not available for the 2021-2022 academic year. Because of this, 8-person, 5-person, and 6-person options are not available for selection this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I form a group?

On the WashU Housing Portal application, you have the ability to request students to live with. Your roommates must accept your request in order to be verified.

Can I live with someone of the opposite sex?

The Office of Residential Life aims to treat students as adults and encourages them to make well-thought-out decisions. We offer students a housing option where assignments are not based on gender. Students will have the option to participate in Gender Inclusive housing by indicating so on their housing application.

If your group receives a Gender Inclusive assignment, the suite/apartment must be filled for the entire academic year. Groups with members who intend to participate in the Spring Study Abroad Program must be prepared to either:

  • Provide a replacement to Res Life to fill the vacancy in your room to study abroad. (i.e. you may have someone who is interested in living with you)
  • Or Res Life will assign another applicant to the space who has also indicated they’re interest in gender inclusive housing.

If there is an unexpected cancellation, you will be offered the opportunity to secure a replacement.

What do I do if I don’t have people to form a group with?

Those who submit a housing application, but do not have a group will be administratively assigned.