Frequently-Asked Questions for Online Accommodations Support

Note to Students: If you have not shared your accommodation letters with your instructor, you must do so to ensure instructors can properly accommodate your needs during this transition to online instruction.

Please reach out to your instructors regarding exams and class structure, as we do not have details regarding how each professor will transition their class to an online format.

Q. Will I still receive my accommodations?
A. Yes, though you may realize some accommodations used during in-person instruction aren’t necessary for online instruction. Additionally, other adjustments to your approved accommodations may be appropriate because of the transition to an online platform. Send a copy of your WashU Accommodation letter to your instructor and follow up with them individually to confirm how your accommodations will be met in the online environment.

Q. What do I do if my instructor is not responsive?
A. Contact Disability Resources immediately.

Q. I do not have access to reliable internet at home. How can I complete my course?
A. We know that some of our students have limited access to high-quality, high-speed internet services at home. If you have concerns about your internet access, please call 314-935-8300 or 888-234-2863 and listen to the menu options to learn how to access technical support.

Q. Do I need to complete a new Exam Request form for my exams?
A. No. At this time exams will be facilitated by instructors through the online platform they are using.

Q. What if I need to modify my accommodation plan during this transition?
A. Fill out a supplemental request form on your Access WashU Account While DR strives to process all requests quickly, some supplemental requests may take up to 2 weeks to review and verify.

Q. What if I don’t have a digital copy of my official accommodation letter?
A. Every semester you need to generate and download a copy of your WashU Accommodation Letter for each class that you are wanting to use your accommodations on your Access WashU

Q. What if I need materials in alternative text format?
A. Submit your request on your Access WashU account.