English Language Placement Testing

Before the start of each semester, WashU schools offer placement testing to determine whether their new international students would benefit from English language support to strengthen their academic and professional communications skills.

Incoming undergraduate students

See the College Writing website for information about the Washington University in St. Louis Writing Placement Exam.

Incoming exchange students

Any new exchange student who would be interested in English language support for academic and professional communication is encouraged to check with the contact for English language support for their WashU school to learn about available services and placement.

Incoming graduate students

A letter sent with your visa documents indicates which English placement test(s), if any, your school/department requires you to take upon arrival. As a follow-up to the TOEFL or other standardized English proficiency tests you may already have taken, the placement tests will assess whether you would benefit from English language support during your academic program to strengthen your academic and professional communication skills. Your department/school may require you to follow any course recommendations that result from your performance on the test(s). Details about the tests and the testing process will be available from your school/department.

Arts & Sciences Mentored Teaching Experience Exam

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences requires that nonnative English speakers pass the Arts & Sciences Mentored Teaching Experience Exam or successfully complete U15 470 (Language, Culture, and Interaction Strategies for Assistants in Instruction) before starting a Mentored Teaching Experience (MTE). Time and place for the exam are arranged by each department with the contact for English language support for the school.