Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program traditionally invites first-year students to learn from peer educators on the foundations of leadership, aligning personal values with actions, and how to be a better leader for your communities, for WUSTL, and beyond.

Given the changes to university operations due to COVID, the format of this program has changed. To make the program as low-commitment and accessible to all, it has been adapted into being part of the GPS Leadership Series! The GPS Leadership Series is a monthly workshop series that creates opportunities for student leaders to gain more insight on policy and important information for student group operations, provide introductory competency in leadership skills for first-years, new group leaders and all students who are interested in learning more, facilitate conversations around identity and self-awareness, and discuss the application of leadership skills outside of yourself.

These a la carte workshops will be offered twice a month – held in November, January, and February – each with a particular theme, and fit within a sequence. You are welcome to attend as many workshops as you would like, but for students who attend all workshops (or make effort to receive all content) there will be a special event held in the Spring semester for those who attended all six sessions. These workshops are open to all first-year students, all new student group leaders, and to all students that are searching to learn more about the foundations of leadership. You can find the schedule for each of these workshops on WUGO by searching “Emerging Leaders” and the schedules will be posted across campus – physically and digitally.

 If you have any further questions about Emerging Leaders , contact Campus Life.